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Review of – “My Bikini Belly


Welcome to the review of “My Bikini Belly” by Shawna Kaminski. For the sake of easier understanding, I will carry out this review in three parts:

  1. The basics of “My Bikini Belly”.
  1. The pros & cons – Giving out the benefits & drawbacks of this program and
  1. Conclusion – All the points that sum up my thoughts about this health system.

The Basics

My Bikini Belly is a fitness program created by Shawna Kaminski who is a Canadian athlete and the owner of the “NW Fit-Body” Camp. It focuses on specific abs development technique designed to help women to get a firmer and flatter tummy in a short span of just 21 days without resorting to any restrictive diets and time-consuming exercises.

As per Shawna’s theory, a woman’s body automatically triggers a particular gene in the fat-cells of her tummy when she is around 35 years of age. This gene prevents the natural metabolism mechanism from burning away fat from tummy and also may actually lead to more storage of fat cells in that area.

Shawna Kaminski has evolved a process that she has termed as “the Metabolic Activation Training”™, which helps in countering the effects of these menopause activated genes. This helps in building up the body’s natural process that helps in shedding off the excessive belly fat.

The process takes place in the following stages –

  1. Deactivation of the “menopause genes” – This leads to initiating the processes in which your body starts dissolving belly fats immediately.
  2. Activation of hormones – This helps in shrinking and tightening of belly and leads to having a firmer and trimmer belly within a short time of a few weeks.
  3. The stepped up metabolism This involves sending this metabolism into an over-drive so that it burns away the stubborn belly fat cells continuously.

What does the “My Bikini Belly” program contain?

Here is a list of a few things that you will find in bundle in this program –

  • A workout schedule designed to help in activating the anti aging process in your body cells, which helps in increasing the energy levels.
  • Body movements which help in speeding up metabolism.
  • Hints and tips for developing a diet plan that will assist you in burning extra fat from your body and help get lean & strong muscles without losing any of muscles.
  • A routine of body movements that increase the body’s metabolism so that you burn more fats from the tummy even why did you are asleep!
  • The smart workout methods which help your body release hormones that make you feel younger and more energetic.
  • An abs workout sequence designed to be improve the circulation of blood in your body and burn away fat from the lower belly area.
  • Additional tips on removal of cellulite from the abdomen and hip area.
  • A list of simple exercises that helps in developing the leg and butt muscles to give them a firm and well-toned look.

A List of pros and cons of My Bikini Belly” program

On the “Pro” side we found that it has the following advantages –

  • Quick and easy workouts – this program is based around quick and easy workout schedules for which you need only 10 to 15 minutes or even less as part of the daily routine.  Therefore, it is very easy to follow and implement.
  • Relatively affordable plan – this program is not at all costly and costs only $20 which is definitely much cheaper than spending on any other programs that promise a lot but do not achieve much. The best part of this program is that it uses your own body weight and therefore you do not have to spend anything else done by any additional payment for exercises.
  • Credibility of the author – just a look at her awesome abs should convince you about her credibility as a real fitness expert. She has been a contributing author for many fitness magazines in Canada and is also a personal trainer who is owns her own fitness school called the NW Fitness Body camp. She also has creditable list of athletic achievements which includes being the winner of the “Best Calgarian Alive” contest twice over!
  • Faster results – it is a fact that most women who tried out the My Bikini Belly program achieved their results very fast sometimes some of them even inter short period of two weeks. Not only that, many of them reported that these exercises actually helped them in many other conditions like improving sleep, stamina as well as memory.  Having a slimmer body also made them more confident of participating in the economic activity and sports events without the fear of suffering physical injury.
  • Full refund guarantee – It is normal to become a bit skeptical about losing our money when we purchase all such programs that seem to promise the moon. But in case of “My Bikini Belly” program it is not so as it comes along with a full refund policy in which you can get your money back within the next 60 days in case you are not satisfied, or do not obtain the results as promised. So frankly, there is nothing to worry and I feel that everyone should give it a try and see what difference it makes to your lifestyle.

So what are the drawbacks, if any?

It is not a magical solution – therefore in case you are looking for a cook sex with resources in a matter of few days you would be Saturday disappointed it requires effort on your part and it would need to follow the entire program in its entirety and put some real effort for at least 21 days to see tangible results

It involves perseverance –  unlike the other regular training programs in which a coach assist and motivate you, you got to have the motivation to carry it through, since you have to do alone, in your own time. Thus, in case you are not motivated enough, that are chances that you would stop in between and not derive any benefit from this program

It requires a reliable Internet connection – since the entire program is available only online you would need a reliable Internet connection so that you can download this digital product.


Personally speaking I find “My Bikini Belly” program very effective and safe. it also has numerous good reviews from users all over the world and I am confident that Shawna Kaminski,  being an expert in her own field, has the necessary knowledge that go into making such of such a workout schedule that can actually help women in finding a lasting solution as far as flattening of their tummies is concerned. It definitely has the potential to help you getting back into shape.

If ever you have doubts about this, all you have to do is to just look at the pictures of the owner of this program – Shawna Kaminski, to know what I am talking about.

I personally believe that this program would help women of all ages and therefore, even if you are home maker and have a lot of work to do I am sure you could spare just 10 minutes a day and gain benefit from this amazing program.


In the final analysis you will find My Bikini Belly” program by Shawna Kaminski not only very effective but also an affordable one and hence if you want to get a firm, flat belly in a very short time without following any strict diets or big workouts, just go ahead and try it out. If its not your style, consider the Jen Ferruggia workout instead. It surprised me by being even better than the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.


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