On KaylaItsines’ Workout Plan

Hey guys, this is going to be my review of the hot new Bikini Body Guide workout from Kayla Itsines, a workout that has gained an insane amount of followers and interest in the past few months. I’ll go over how this workout helps girls, and whether or not is worth getting the bbg 1 and bbg 2 programs or not.

What is BBG?

BBG is shorthand for the bikini body guide workout, and also will probably be what I use to talk about Itsines’ program instead of typing out all of those words (sorry! :D). Kayla created this workout specifically for what she calls her “girls”, or any women who are looking for effective fitness solution to try and solve their body issues.kaylaitsines

What does the BBG come with?

Sorry BBG Girls – there’s no instructional video or something of the sort. Instead, you pay $70 to get the bbg 2 program, or $70 and get the bbg 1 program. You can purchase these workouts in a bundle and get a slight discount, setting you back only $120. Either way you look at it, these is one expensive guide. There are many other more beneficial ones, such as the Jen Ferruggia bikini body workout, that is a lot cheaper and has the added benefit of coming with an instructional video set to help you perform the exercises required.


The bbg is not the most ideal workout for girls to invest their money into. Rather, I think many women would be better off looking at something like the Jen Ferruggia workout if they really want to get their ideal beach body. Kayla Itsines’ workout is ultimately overpriced, and even in the information in it is pretty lackluster. What you get out of it, you can get out of a simple Google search.

Kayla also has lackluster customer support, affiliates hyping up her product, and no sense of loyalty to her customers. The choice is clear.

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