BBG vs jen ferruggia

BBG Vs Ferruggia

There are a lot of different bikini body workouts out there nowadays. Picking the right one for you can be difficult, to say the least. Today, I’m going to compare the two main bikini body workouts that I have myself: the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide versus the Jen Ferruggia bikini body workouts.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you will have an idea of which workout you should get for yourself.

In this review language to compare the BBG vs the BBW and look at their efficiency, cost, ease of use, simplicity, effectiveness, safety, and even their customer support. Also, feel free to read my other in-depth review of the programs right here. Moving on..

Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Vs Bikini Body Workouts (BBW)


Kayla Itsines offers her workout guide available online, and as such you get instant access to it once you purchase it. She sells it through Stripe, an online retailer.

Jen Ferruggia offers her workout guide online as well, and she sells it to the online retailer click bank. Both programs use perfectly trustworthy retailers, but click bank offers a 60 day money back guarantee with all products, and has its own support system online and on the phone. For that reason, Jen Ferruggia wins in efficiency.

WINNER:  Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workout


Surprisingly, these two programs are very similar actual content as well. Or, at least as far as the actual working out portion of them goes. With both programs you going to get complete guide, for each workout that you should complete on a daily basis. Both workouts are geared towards helping you lose weight in a short amount of time as possible. HOWEVER…

The Jen Ferruggia Bikini Workout also comes with a series of interactive videos that demonstrate each exercise, to don’t have to worry about any sort of injury from doing things improperly setting you back a couple weeks. Also Jen’s program comes with a nutritional guide, a diet guide, and even a shopping list to help you with purchasing the right foods. And don’t forget about the infamous booty blast program to help tone your body as well. Necessary? No. But that’s how much she cares.

The Kayla Itsines Bikini Guide will give you 13 weeks of the program, depending on how much money you spent a you get absolutely nothing else. They charge you for everything on their program. You get body plan separate, you have to buy the nutritional guide separate, and you have to buy the other half of the workout separate. Hopefully you see by now I’m going with this.

WINNER:  Jen Ferruggia’s Workout.


I think this one is really important., If you looking at this review right now, you’re probably after a workout you can do in the comfort of your own home.

The Kayla Itsines bikini body guide will require you to purchase quite a bit of equipment. You need a flatbeds, a foam roller, some dumbbells, a barbell, hope you have a kettle bell lying around, jump rope, medicine ball, and don’t forget a mat.

On the flipside: You need a chair or bench, dumbbells, and a resistance band for Jen Ferruggia’s guide – nothing else.

WINNER:  Jen Ferruggia’s Workout.

Diet Plan

Even though I already mentioned that Kayla charge you extra for her diet plan, who’s going to go ahead and compare these two as far as the actual content goes.

Kayla’s guide has the advantage of allow you to pick between a regular diet or a vegetarian type diet purchased. Unfortunately is limited to about two or three weeks worth of information is for your plants goes.

Jen’s program is much more complete, and comes with a meal planning system and the shopping list that I mentioned earlier. Jen also allows you to eat more calories in the day, with Kayla limiting you to 1500 cal while Jen allows you a daily value of 2000 calories – Which is the daily recommended intake for a human being I might add.

WINNER: Jen Ferruggia’s Workout.



Evidencing that this this entire review so let’s get down to the actual price of the workouts:
Not even close.

WINNER: Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workout Wins Again.


Here are my results after using the Jen Ferruggia bikini body workout myself:



Jen Ferruggia is the Winner.

Jen’s guide makes it as comfortable as possible to make the necessary diet in exercise changes to lose weight fast. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide isn’t terrible – it’s just that Jen has a much better alternative. Her guide is cheaper and more complete.

Thanks for reading – I hope I’ve made it easier for you to decide on which workout guide to use!